Looking to maximize your performance and reduce your risk of injury?

Does your event need healthcare coordination and coverage?

Do you want to improve your company's employee retention and return on investment?

Whether you want to improve your quality of health or seek to improve the safety, health, and wellness culture of your organization, Dr. McCarthy is here with you and for you to empower and help you take the next steps to achieve your health and well-being goals!


Health & Well-Being |

Injury Prevention Workshop

Education is the Key that Bridges the Gap

The objective is to educate all groups on the importance of self-awareness pertaining to movement, performance, and health & well-being. In addition to supporting awareness, educational programming can allow for accountability among individuals and their communities. 

If interested in establishing Health & Well-Being | Injury Prevention Workshop programming for your community group or organization, Get Started Today!


Athletic Training Consultation

Expert Guidance from Anywhere, In-person or Online!

Dr. McCarthy has a wide variety of experiences providing athletic training service consultation for:

Event medical care coordination

Athletic training medical coverage 

Ergonomic analysis 

Emergency action planning

Risk assessment and injury prevention for productions

...and much more! 

Inquire below if Athletic Training Consultation is Right for You!


Risk Assessment

Risk minimization can involve identifying, analyzing, assessing, controlling and avoiding or eliminating unacceptable risks so that your company members return home the same way or better than when they arrived.

​Services can include, but are not limited to:

Injury prevention workshops and programming

Emergency action planning and implementation

Quality improvement of health and safety protocols

Inquire below for a tailored Risk Minimization Assessment for your Organization!


Functional Movement Assessment

Movement Efficiency Screening to
Keep You Performance Ready!

Fusionetics is a scientifically researched, effective system utilized to analyze functional movement efficiency, aid in understanding the body's imbalances and how to best correct them through corrective exercise, self-care stretching and mobilization. 

Following assessment, a specifically tailored home exercise program will be made available to you via the Fusionetics app to help correct imbalances, aid in the prevention of injury and improve overall function and performance!


+ Total-body maintenance treatment 


Injury Assessment

Helping You Lead a Pain-Free Life!

Whether you have sustained an injury or keep battling with that nagging chronic injury that you have had for years, an injury assessment can help to narrow down next steps and develop a client-centered plan of care or referral.


+ Total-body maintenance treatment 

+ Home exercise program


Total-Body Maintenance Treatment

As we remain physically active, whether for health, hobby, or job requirement, our bodies may need a little more “love” than what we may think. If you are experiencing discomfort or just in need of body alignment, this service is perfect for you!

Manual Therapy techniques:

Soft tissue/Deep tissue mobilization

Joint mobilization and alignment

Neuromuscular re-education

Muscle energy technique

Dry needling (only in CT)

Graston technique


Taping (kinesiotape, joint-specific)


+ Home exercise program


Concierge Service

Are You Looking for Personal One-on-One Care?

No matter where you are or plan to be, my treatment table and I are willing and able to travel to provide the quality care you need to keep moving on the go!

Get in Touch for More Details and Pricing regarding the Care you Need!




I suffered from constant neck and lower back pain, started to just except this is how it is. Then Angelica was hired by the company I work for to come in and help with Ergonomic related issues. Turns out my work station was set up all wrong and I wasn't doing proper stretching exercises. After she taught me the right way to adjust my work station and instructed me in proper stretching my neck and back are no longer causing me constant agony. Thanks Angelica, you really know your stuff.

+ Mike H | Industrial Athlete