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Are You
Performance Ready?

Because we know how important it is for you to succeed in life, but excess stress, burnout, discomfort and pain can be discouraging and overwhelming, holding you back from living your best life.

With Get Performance Ready, Dr. McCarthy will get you feeling, moving, and living your best, healthy life!

Six-week package includes:

+ FREE Initial consult to gather an understanding of your health history and what your goals and/or needs are for a happy, healthy life.

+ Programming tailored specifically to You to support your health & well-being, movement, and inspire healthy lifestyle habits.

+ Weekly 1-hour check-ins (total of 6) to assess progress, review exercise programming, and you will have an accountability partner to keep you intentional and actionable to support longevity of your health & well-being, movement, and life!

Schedule a 30-min consult to see if Get Performance Ready is right for you.


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