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Bring Awareness to the Whole Person to Support Your Health, Well-Being, Movement, & Life Balance!

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Looking to Live Life Pain-Free,
But Don't Know How or Where to Begin?

The constant feeling of pain, stress and anxiety, to name a few, can be discouraging and quite overwhelming, making it seem normal and hopeless.


Not to mention - finding a healthcare provider who understands you and who you trust has your best interest at heart.

Don't Let Pain and Stress Run Your Life!

Dr. Angelica has been helping clients achieve their optimal health and wellness through developing a deeper understanding of their bodies, habits and lifestyle choices to keep them healthy and thriving! 


She is here to help you create a life balance that prioritizes your health and well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. It’s time to start nurturing your body, mind and soul, renew your energy, and live life exactly how you want to feel!




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Love Yourself.
Transform Your Health!

How to Get Started:

1. Say YES to You!

Schedule a FREE initial 30-min consultation to bring awareness and attention to your current health & well-being needs.

2. Let's Get Intentional!

Based upon your body's needs and health and lifestyle goals, we develop a tailored plan of care and set intentions to get you started on your unique journey!

3. Transform Your Health!

Together, we take action and commit to your self-care to support your health and well-being and sustain balance in your life!

How May I Be of Service?

Wellness Education

Awareness and understanding of Whole Person Wellness to influence optimum health, well-being, prevent injury and promote life balance!

BodyMind Services

1:1 care to bring awareness to the mind-body connection and promote healing and recovery, improve functional movement and more.


Angelica is the best! Her energy, expertise, and skill are unparalleled and show in the care she provides. She was an essential part of my longevity on tour, especially when performing two and a half hour shows. After every session, my body felt rejuvenated and energized, better than when I walked in. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel the same!

+ Katy P | Singer, Songwriter

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How to Turn Work-Life Balance into Life Balance: 101 

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